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Luisa Rische



Tumultuous first day in Chile’s capital: After arriving in Santiago I suddenly find myself in the middle of a protest escalation. Stones and Molotov cocktails are flying while the police answers with water cannons and irritant gas which feels like chili in your eyes. It’s the last moments of the national teachers’ strike to support public education. The protesters wear black as a symbol which stands for the death of public education. It’s the third day of the strike and the second that ends violently. . It was an awkward moment for me to be honest. Even after two years away from the newspaper I couldn’t stop but taking photos, interviewing people, get into the middle of the protest. It must have been a bizarre picture with my loaded bike. I almost got out my diary to take notes; in my mind I was already rushing into the office to type the article. . Since I’m constantly writing about my journey I never really missed my job - until today. Today I only wanted to be one thing: a newspaper journalist. . . . #santiagodechile #santiago #chile #protest #teacherstrike #travel #bikewander #discoverearth #ontheroad #solotravel #instatravel #instagood #potd
Time for a long overdue break. After surviving snow storms, challenging headwinds and freezing temperatures in Patagonia I’ve returned to my amazing friends of @antuquelen_lodge_cabanas, bike-friendly!, at Lago Llanquihue. . . . #patagonia #chile #adventure #travel #explore #bikewander #discoverearth #travelphotography #ontheroad #outdoor #solotravel #intothewild #madeingermany #instatravel #instagood #potd

Schenke mir eine Nacht im Hostel

Dir gefällt, was ich mache? Dann überlege doch, mich zu unterstützen. Nach Wochen im Sattel, im Zelt hilft mir eine Nacht im Hostel mit Dusche und Küche, neue Kräfte zu sammeln.


Fast vergessen

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